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Is This Normal?

So by this point, we're all tired of hearing about cases, variants, shots and restrictions; but what we don't know is what normal really looks like. Because what we knew prior to March 2020 is familiar, we assume that's what we want to get back to. That's understandable. The issue is we assume that "normal" was good, when perhaps it wasn't.

Of course, there are a million issues that we are facing as a nation and plenty of space to discuss those but, in terms of fashion/style, what we were doing prior to March 2020 isn't a normal I want to return to. By and large, we got a bit lazy. We fell in love with "comfort" while landing further away from being well tailored. I'm not just talking about suits. The pandemic showed us that it is possible to do casual in a well tailored manner. Comfort doesn't have to be sacrificed. As we move back out into the world, assess your wardrobe and determine how tailored you are.

That doesn't mean your pieces need to be tight or form fitting. The goal is tailored. Whether wearing a polo shirt or a cotton suit, remember this--tailored is the new normal.